Data expertise

Microeconomix relies on its economic analysis and econometrics expertise to deliver innovative and highly performing solutions to its clients. Our approach to analytics and quantitative issues relies on our ability as economists to understand market forces and on our competence as data analysts, from collecting and transforming data to providing access to our models through graphical user interfaces and dashboards.

Our methodology starts with a detailed analysis of our clients’ needs by closely collaborating with their teams. We then use dedicated data wrangling tools to transform raw, unstructured data from many sources into an operational database specifically designed to address the issues at stake. Finally, we develop custom-made analytical solutions focused on their needs.

By controlling every step of the analysis and solution design instead of relying on automated black-box procedures, our teams are highly reactive and flexible and are able to tackle any specific need.

This approach allows us to be innovative in dealing with complex analytical business questions while taking special care in providing solutions adapted to the functioning of specific markets. Combining the intellectual curiosity of academically-trained economists with the solid experience of consultants and the competences of data analysts, we transform our models into operational user interfaces our clients can use to reproduce our analyses.

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