Microeconomix has gained its experience in the distribution sector by conducting data analysis.

On the one hand, we produce geomarketing analysis that allows, for example, to estimate the sales potential of a new point-of-sale, to determine catchment areas or to conduct competitive analyses required in the notification of a concentration between point-of-sale networks.

On the other hand, our skills in data analysis and econometrics are used in the area of strategic consultancy. Data processing and quantitative analysis are of particular importance in the case of distribution networks, where exploiting data allows to answer important strategic questions: how to compare the performance of each point-of-sale taking into account the characteristics of its location? how to determine the appropriate selling price? how to quantify the impact of the opening of a competitor to the sales in a store? etc.

Our ability to process and analyze data through economic models allows us to offer monitoring tools that rely on performance indicators developed according to the needs of our clients. We have also constructed dashboards for our clients that provide a synthesis of the evolution of prices charged by their sales representatives, identifying the impact of each element of their product mix/client/contract type. This allows a company to have a synthetic picture of its commercial practices. 

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