• François Lévêque

    Founding Partner

    +33 1 40 51 91 73


    François Lévêque is professor of law and economics at Mines ParisTech. His research, teaching and consulting interests are in the areas of antitrust, intellectual property rights and network regulation.

    Graduated in engineering from Agro, he started his academic activity with a PhD thesis in economics (1982) on forest property rights and their consequences on the industrial organization of pulp and paper sector. His research on forest economics terminated in 1989 with the publication of a reference textbook in French. Then he begun to work on the protection of intellectual property rights, in particular with respect to patent extension for biotechnology inventions and to the reduction of bio-diversity - a topic he addressed in a book in 1993. Since this date his research has progressively enlarged to the study of environmental policies, regulatory reforms, and competition law enforcement. He published in 1996 at Edward Elgar a seminal book on the setting process of European environmental laws, and a series of books at Kluwer Academic Publisher on environmental agreements (1999). He wrote a French textbook for undergraduate students in economics of regulation at La Découverte (1998). He edited a book on merger remedies in EU and US competition law (Edward Elgar, 2002) and another one on Transport Pricing of Electricity Networks (Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2003). He is the co-author of the first textbook in Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property Law (La Découverte, 2003). He recently edited a book on Competitive Electricity Markets and Sustainability (Edward Elgar, 2006). He wrote several papers in academic journals, including Energy Policy, World Competition, Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, La Revue Lamy de la Concurrence, Concurrences, Electricity Journal, Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues. He launched in 2007 an academic blog, Energypolicyblog.com. During the past fifteen years his research has focused on the assessing of policy instruments (e.g., tariffs in electricity transmission, co-venants, merger control,) and of policy reforms (e.g., gas and electricity French and EU laws, European Commission proposals for Community patent and software protection, modernization of EU competition policy).

    He taught economics of natural resources at the Ecole des mines de Paris (1984-1990), environmental economics at EHESS (1997-2001) and at Pavia University (1999-2002), EU Competition Law at the Boalt Law School, University of California at Berkeley (2002-2007). He created in 1999 a new major in law and economics at the Ecole des mines. He has taught industrial economics at the Ecole des mines since 1996.

    His consulting activity is aligned with his academic interests. He has been regularly commissioned by the French government, OECD and the European Commission to undertake consultancy and participate to advisory committees. François Lévêque has also founded Microeconomix in 2002.

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  • Gildas de Muizon

    Partner, Head of Economic Consulting

    +33 1 55 61 58 80

    Gildas de Muizon is the managing partner and CEO of Microeconomix.

    He has an extensive experience advising clients on a variety of competition law issues. He manages a team of senior economists and econometricians and provides sound economic expertise applied to antitrust and competition Law proceedings (abuse of dominance, cartels, mergers & acquisitions, compliance audits). He has advised clients in major merger or antitrust cases at the European and French levels. He has provided several written and oral testimonies in competition policy cases.

    Gildas graduated in executive science and management from Mines ParisTech (2001) and received his PhD in economics from University of Paris X and CERNA (2006).

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  • Nathalie Daley

    Assistant Director

    +33 1 55 61 58 68

    Nathalie Daley joined Microeconomix in 2006.

    She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Mines ParisTech, where she wrote a dissertation on switching costs and competition in the French retail banking industry. Specialist of this sector, she was one of the experts consulted on the issues of switching costs for a report carried out for the French Ministry of Industry. She worked for Eurogroup as a consultant for banking industry prior to joining Microeconomix.

    Besides her expertise in the banking sector, Nathalie has specialized in pricing strategies and vertical relations. She has worked in a series of antitrust cases and competition audits across several industries including luxury, plywood, electrical material, grocery and oil.

    In parallel to her activites as a senior consultant, Nathalie continue to teach economics at the ENSTA.


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  • Olivier Sautel

    Vice President

    +33 1 55 61 58 84

    Olivier Sautel joined Microeconomix in 2007.

    He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Nice Sophia Antipolis University, where he was a lecturer in the Master 2 program. He has authored numerous papers concerning industrial economics.

    Specializing in vertical relations among firms, he offered his consulting services in various legal cases and specialized in the evaluation of damages from anticompetitive practices.




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  • Marta Stryszowska

    Assistant Director

    +33 1 55 61 58 69

    Marta is a senior economist specializing in competition policy. Before joining Microeconomix, she was a senior consultant at Bates White, Washington DC, United States.

    She has worked on a range of competition cases before the European Commission and national competition authorities. She has experience in all aspects of competition policy including mergers, agreements and abuse of dominance.

    She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Tilburg University.

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  • Emmanuel Frot


    +33 1 55 61 58 82

    Emmanuel Frot received his PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics. He also holds a MSc in Engineering Science from the Ecole Centrale Paris. He joined Microeconomix in 2010, as a senior econometrician. He strengthens the quantitative and econometric expertise of the firm. He intervenes in legal procedures on competition issues (concentration, cartel damages evaluation, etc.), but also in energy market analysis.

    Before joining Microeconomix, Emmanuel used to be Assistant Professor at the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, at the Stockholm School of Economics. He is competent in using the quantitative techniques relevant to the specific features of each case. He is also skilled at explaining the methods used and results obtained in simple terms.

    Emmanuel took part to various projects as an econometrician. He worked as a consultant for the OECD Development Centre, and for the Swedish International Water Institute. His collaboration with the OECD resulted in a series of working papers published at the Centre, and in peer-reviewed journals. He also participated to a report for the Spanish presidency of the European Union about the relationship between aid flows and economic crises. Some of his works are summarized on the VoxEU website.

    His expertise in quantitative techniques completes his knowledge in applied economics, and in particular in public economics. He participated to the redaction of an introductory book on this subject.


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  • Sidy Diop

    Vice President

    +33 1 55 61 58 81

    Sidy Diop joined Microeconomix in 2013. He holds a PhD in industrial economics from Mines ParisTech. He reinforces the economic and financial expertise of Microeconomix in cases with an international dimension, including international arbitration, regulation of network industries in emerging markets, and advisory in project financing in developing countries.

    Before joining Microeconomix, Sidy spent three years as an international civil servant (Economist Country Manager) with the Islamic Development Bank. He was responsible for the Bank's investments in several countries in West Africa (selection of projects, financial arrangements, policy dialogue, monitoring of performance, etc.). He also participated in drafting many reports on projects financing and development.

    Besides his international experience, Sidy Diop is an expert of the telecommunication sector and the digital economy. Following his thesis on the “Economic Analysis of the Digitization of Information Exchanges Between Companies”, he worked for four years with the French regulatory authority for telecommunications (ARCEP) within the Department of Economic Affairs and Planning. He worked there on a wide range of issues including pricing, retail and wholesale offers, market analysis, optical fiber roll-out incentives, Net Neutrality, control of remedies, costs modeling, etc.

    Sidy Diop is fluent in French, English and Wolof.


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  • Ignacio Inoa


    +33 1 55 61 57 30

    Ignacio Inoa joined Microeconomix in 2015 as an econometrician and data scientist. He received his Ph.D in Economics from the Université de Cergy-Pontoise. He also holds a Master of Applied Econometrics from the same university and an MSc in Economics of Markets and Organizations from the Toulouse School of Economics.

    Ignacio strengthens the econometrics and data practice of Microeconomix and he works on all the quantitative analysis cases.

    Before joining Microeconomix, Ignacio was as an assistant econometrician working on the analysis of investment decisions under risk for a consultancy company.

    Ignacio took part to various research projects modelling household decisions on residential location and workplace using discrete choice econometrics. He collaborated with the following projects: Household Mobility - Individual and Collective Decisions (PREDIT-ADEME), Micro-simulation for the Prospective of Sustainable Cities in Europe (European Commission) and, Impact on Residents and Employment of the Great Paris Transport Network (Société du Grand Paris).


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  • Ariane Charpin


    +33 1 55 61 58 27

    Ariane Charpin holds a MSc. in Economics from the Paris School of Economics, as well as a MBA from ESSEC Business School. 

    She joined Microeconomix in 2012 as an economist. She performs data analysis and econometric studies and also provides support on competition issues (mergers, abuse of dominance, etc.).

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  • Sébastien Douguet


    +33 1 55 61 58 28

    Sébastien Douguet holds a Master degree from the MINES ParisTech Engineering School, with a specialization in Energy and Economics.

    He joined Microeconomix in September 2012 as an economist. His work focuses on studies and analyses for the Energy practice.


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  • Joanna Piechucka


    +33 1 55 61 57 31

    After graduating from Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Joanna Piechucka joined Microeconomix in November 2013.

    Joanna is an economist in the Econometrics practice of Microeconomix. She is also a Ph.D. student at Pantheon-Sorbonne University and Paris School of Economics. Her research focuses on empirical analysis of public procurement auctions.

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  • Nicolas Hary


    +33 1 55 61 57 29

    After graduating from Network Industries and the Digital Economy program with a master degree, Nicolas Hary joined Microeconomix in October 2013.

    Nicolas is an economist in the Energy practice of Microeconomix. He is also a Ph.D. student at the Centre of Industrial Economics at MINES ParisTech (formerly the Ecole des mines de Paris). His research focuses on modelling of electrical systems.

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  • Angela Muñoz


    +33 1 55 61 58 78

    Angela is an economist within the competition practice of Microeconomix.

    Since joining in 2013 she has been involved in a number of merger, cartel, state aid and damage assessment cases in a wide range of sectors.

    Angela holds a Master in Economics of Markets and Organizations from the Toulouse School of Economics..

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  • Ahmed Ousman Abani


    +33 1 55 61 57 48

    Ahmed joined Microeconomix in 2014. He holds an engineer degree from Supélec and a master degree from IREN.

    Ahmed is an Economist in the Energy practice of Microeconomix. He is also a Ph.D. student at the Centre of Industrial Economics at MINES ParisTech.  His research focuses on modelling of electrical systems.

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  • Matthieu Lapeyre


    +33 1 55 61 57 47

    Graduated from the Toulouse School of Economics, Matthieu Lapeyre joined Microeconomix in 2015.

    He mostly works on cases concerning economic expertise applied to competition law and damage assesment.

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François Lévêque
Founding Partner
Gildas de Muizon
Partner, Head of Economic Consulting

Vice Presidents

Nathalie Daley
Assistant Director
Olivier Sautel
Vice President
Marta Stryszowska
Assistant Director
Emmanuel Frot
Sidy Diop
Vice President


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Ariane Charpin
Sébastien Douguet
Joanna Piechucka
Nicolas Hary
Angela Muñoz
Ahmed Ousman Abani
Matthieu Lapeyre