Ignacio Inoa


+33 1 55 61 57 30

Ignacio Inoa joined Microeconomix in 2015 as an econometrician and data scientist. He received his Ph.D in Economics from the Université de Cergy-Pontoise. He also holds a Master of Applied Econometrics from the same university and an MSc in Economics of Markets and Organizations from the Toulouse School of Economics.

Ignacio strengthens the econometrics and data practice of Microeconomix and he works on all the quantitative analysis cases.

Before joining Microeconomix, Ignacio was as an assistant econometrician working on the analysis of investment decisions under risk for a consultancy company.

Ignacio took part to various research projects modelling household decisions on residential location and workplace using discrete choice econometrics. He collaborated with the following projects: Household Mobility - Individual and Collective Decisions (PREDIT-ADEME), Micro-simulation for the Prospective of Sustainable Cities in Europe (European Commission) and, Impact on Residents and Employment of the Great Paris Transport Network (Société du Grand Paris).


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