Sidy Diop

Vice President

+33 1 55 61 58 81

Sidy Diop joined Microeconomix in 2013. He holds a PhD in industrial economics from Mines ParisTech. He reinforces the economic and financial expertise of Microeconomix in cases with an international dimension, including international arbitration, regulation of network industries in emerging markets, and advisory in project financing in developing countries.

Before joining Microeconomix, Sidy spent three years as an international civil servant (Economist Country Manager) with the Islamic Development Bank. He was responsible for the Bank's investments in several countries in West Africa (selection of projects, financial arrangements, policy dialogue, monitoring of performance, etc.). He also participated in drafting many reports on projects financing and development.

Besides his international experience, Sidy Diop is an expert of the telecommunication sector and the digital economy. Following his thesis on the “Economic Analysis of the Digitization of Information Exchanges Between Companies”, he worked for four years with the French regulatory authority for telecommunications (ARCEP) within the Department of Economic Affairs and Planning. He worked there on a wide range of issues including pricing, retail and wholesale offers, market analysis, optical fiber roll-out incentives, Net Neutrality, control of remedies, costs modeling, etc.

Sidy Diop is fluent in French, English and Wolof.


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