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Antitrust, patents and copyright: EU and US perspective

October 2005

New Horizons in Competition Law and Economics

"This volume offers a fresh perspective on the IP/antitrust interface. Its blend of economic policy analysis and provocative policy prescriptions is particularly noteworthy. It is noteworthy for the scope of its coverage (patent, copyrights, and database protection) and international focus. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a sophisticated comparative perspective on the harmonization of IP and antitrust enforcement policies."
Alden Abbott, US Federal Trade Commission

In modern markets innovation is at least as great a concern as price competition. The book discusses how antitrust policy and patent and copyright laws interact to create market dynamics that affect both competition and innovation. 



1. Competition Policy and Intellectual Property: Redefining the Role of Competition Agencies 

2. Unilateral Refusals to License in the US 

3. The Application of the Essential Facility Doctrine to Intellectual Property Rights under European Competition Law 

4. The Strategic Use of Patents: Implications for Antitrust 

5. Innovation, Leveraging and Essential Facilities: Interoperability Licensing in the EU Microsoft Case

6. Adverse Selection and the Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 

7. Copyright and 'Market Power' in the Marketplace of Ideas 

8. Copyright and the DMCA: Market Locks and Technological Contracts 

9. Abuse of Database Right: Sole-Source Information Banks under the EU Database Directive 

Contributors include:

H. Hovenkamp, P.B. Hugenholtz, M.D. Janis, W.E. Kovacic, M. Lemley, F. Lévêque, R. Maness, N.W. Netanel, R.C. Picker, D.L. Rubinfeld, H. Shelanski, J. Temple Lang, R. Watt 

Edited by François Lévêque, 
Professor of Law and Economics, Ecole des mines de Paris, France 
and Howard Shelanski, 
Professor of Law, School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, US This book is part of 'New Horizons in Competition Law and Economics series'.

October 2005, 256 pp, Hardback, 1 84542 603 7.

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