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February 2013

A partnership between Microeconomix, CEHTRA and ChemService

Microeconomix, CEHTRA and ChemService have partnered in 2012 to form ChemAdvocacy to address the fast growing demand to support the chemical industry and its value chain in the REACH-Authorization process, in Restriction procedures and in Advocacy and Chemical Issues Management. Besides having tremendous in-house expertise on regulatory affairs, product stewardship, toxicology, ecotoxicology and environmental science, ChemAdvocacy relies on economists from Microeconomix for conducting a Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA), demonstrating that benefits of a substance might outweigh the risks. This is complemented with interoffice expertise on human and environmental exposure and effects prevention.

Working on the authorization decision and destriction processes can be engineered by high caliber public relations and law firms working with ChemAdvocacy. ChemAdovcacy provide a range of services in order to help our clients during the REACH Authorization and Restriction process, in SVHC identification, in chemical issues management and in Advocacy/Product Stewardship initiatives. Our strength and your benefit is, that we have multidisciplinary competence of science (toxicological, chemical, technical) and economics available in-house, which enables an integral evaluation of different impacts of hazardous substances.ChemAdvocacy provides you the best of the complementary expertise within a sole service provider.

Olivier Sautel, senior economist at Microeconomix is also Director at ChemAdvocacy. He is a specialist of socio-economic analysis.  


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