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EU Energy Innovation Policy Towards 2050

March 2012

Edited by Claeys & Casteels

Marcelo Saguan, senior energy economist at Microeconomix, contributed to the book "EU Energy Innovation Policy Towards 2050" edited by Claeys & Casteels.

Editor's presentation

What is the European energy strategy for 2050? How different is it from the 2020 energy strategy? What are the technology options? What are the policy options?

This volume discusses the "EU Energy Innovation Policy Towards 2050". It represents the outcome of the 3rd Academic Roundtable of the Loyola de Palacio Chair at the European University Institute held in Florence on the 24th of May 2011. It introduces the reader to the most recent thinking regarding the European transition towards a low carbon future. The views presented include those of experts of the European Commission, major industry players, and prominent academics. Besides academic articles, speeches and opinions it contains reports of the THINK Tank of DG Energy hosted in Florence.

This book is published in close cooperation with the Loyola de Palacio Chair, European University Institute of Florence.


EU energy policy and innovation in the 2050 context

Academic visions on the future generation portfolio

The future role of oil, gas, coal and Carbon Capture and Storage in the context of renewables expansion

A comparison in approaching energy technology policy in the US and the EU

Edited by:

Jean-Michel GLACHANT

- Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair; Director of the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute, Florence

Nicole AHNER

- Scientific Coordinator of the Loyola de Palacio Chair; Research Assistant at the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute, Florence

Leonardo MEEUS

- Scientific coordinator EU FP7 funded research project THINK; Research Fellow Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute

Contributions by:

Isabel Azevedo, Ronnie Belmans, Christophe Bonnery, Jacqueline Boucher, Loren C. Cox, Laurent David, William D. D'haeseleer, Helen Donoghue, Jean-Michel Glachant, Manfred Hafner, Claude Henry, Christian von Hirschhausen, Gunnar Lundberg, Claudio Marcantonini, Leonardo Meeus, Anne Neumann, William J. Nuttall, Luis Olmos, Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, Marco Piredda, Pippo Ranci, Sophia Ruester, Marcelo Saguan, Christof Schoser and Giuseppe Tribuzi.

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