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Harmonizing electricity TSO regulation to ensure financeability of transmission investment plan: the case of North-West EU

June 2014

FSR – webinar – 18th June 2014


Vincent Rious presented results of work about regulation of TSOs in Europe.

The functioning of the Internal Electricity Market in the EU and the integration of renewable energy sources require massive investments on the European electricity network. We therefore need to study the potential consequences and interactions of national regulatory choices with regard to network investments for the development of the pan-European market.


Objectives of the webinar:

  • To characterize national regulatory regimes in the North West region (Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands) with regard to this question
  • To discuss harmonization of national regulatory regimes for the TSOs to be able to finance these investments at the lowest cost of capital


This webminar can be watched here. 





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