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National grid planning and cross-border coordination

April 2013

Renewable Grid Initiative & SEFEP workshop

Vincent Rious participated to the Renewable Grid Initiative & SEFEP workshop (Berlin, 30th April 2013). 

He explained that the cross-border coordination could be integrated in national grid planning of European TSOs considering it as an externality matter. 

A unique planner is then a good solution if national regulations are coordinated even harmonised. If a unique planner is not possible for any reason, a less integrated solution that may remain quite efficient must enter into the intimacy of network planning, that is to how costs and benefits are evaluated, compared, needed investments assessed and incentivized, cost shared, etc. The introduction of a region-wide planning in the ENTSO-E TYNDP greatly improves the coordination of network planning in Europe.

Other improvements are still possible, e.g. with regard harmonisation of regulatory incentives, cost-benefit analysis for projects of common interest, cost sharing, etc.


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