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Security Of Energy Supply In Europe: Natural Gas, Nuclear and Hydrogen

August 2010

Edward Elgar Publishing

In economic, technical and political terms, the security of energy supply is of the utmost importance for Europe. Alongside competition and sustainability, supply security represents a cornerstone of the EU’s energy policy, and in times of rising geopolitical conflict plays an increasingly important role in its external relations. Within this context, the contributors analyse and explore the natural gas, nuclear, and hydrogen energy sectors, which will be of critical significance for the future of energy supplies in Europe.

Edited by François Lévêque, Professor of Law and Economics, Mines ParisTech, France, Jean-Michel Glachant, Loyola de Palacio Professor in European Energy Policy and Director, Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute RSCAS, Italy, Julián Barquín, Professor, Institute for Technology Research, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain, Christian von Hirschhausen, Professor for Energy Economics and Public Sector Management, University of Technology Dresden and Research Director, DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research), Germany, Franziska Holz, Senior Researcher, DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research), Germany and William J. Nuttall, Senior Lecturer in Technology, Judge Business School and Engineering Department and Assistant Director of the Electricity Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge, UK.

Contributors: J. Barquín, W. D’haeseleer, C. Dopazo, D. Finon, J.-M. Glachant, D. Haeseldonckx, A.C. Hansen, F. Holz, F. Lévêque, J. Makholm, A. Neumann, D.M. Newbery, W.J. Nuttall, I. Pérez-Arriaga, P. Ranci, F. Roques, S. Rüster, P. Seydel, J. Stern, C. Stiller, S. Stoft, S. Taylor, D.G. Victor, C. von Hirschhausen, M. Wietschel    

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