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Some problems and possible solutions to the French building refurbishment policy

November 2012

3rd Genshagen forum

This presentation illustrates the main results of a working group on energy efficiency of existing buildings animated by the Institut Montaigne. Vincent Rious is rapporteur with Yannick Perez of a forthcoming report on this topic.

Preliminary conclusions were presented at the 3rd Genshagen forum for the French-German dialog. It shows that the refurbishment policy in France suffers from four problems : unclear goals, energy prices that do not reflect costs, no quality check of refurbishment work, the lack of training and organisation for the buidling sector.

Some solutions are proposed, unexhaustively: prices reflecting energy costs, bonus and penalty on property tax depending on refurbishment work, ex post quality check refurbishment work, and low interest loan granted only for work realised by certified professionnals only (with possibility of their certification being withdrawn if some quality problems are detected).

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