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West Africa: business opportunities for Polish companies

November 2015

Embassy of Poland in France

Sidy Diop, Vice President of Microeconomix, and Joanna Piechucka, Economist of Microeconomix, took part in a business meeting of Polish Investors and West-African ambassadors organized at the Embassy of Poland in France on October 20, 2015.

During the meeting, our team gave a presentation on the business opportunities for Polish companies in West Africa. We provided a sector and country outlook of interesting projects and business opportunities in five Western African countries, i.e. Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Niger. While Polish investors are increasingly interested in African markets, trade with African countries and Polish direct investments in this region remain relatively low. This could be explained by the high risk perceptions associated to doing business in Africa. Microeconomix presented various risk mitigation tools Polish companies wishing to do business in Africa could benefit from.


Microeconomix in Africa

Microeconomix is developing its activities in Africa. We provide economic and financial expertise that meets the growing needs of public and private actors involved in the African economy to base their economic and strategic decisions on independent and rigorous studies. While Africa is attracting more and more investors, the continent is also facing a profound legal and institutional transformation: liberalisation of utilities and sector regulation, privatization and public-private partnerships, implementation of debt reduction programmes, legislative and regulatory reforms (mining rights, land law, public procurement code, etc.). Microeconomix assists its clients in understanding these complex issues that are a source of both opportunities and risks. Our expertise in economic analysis combined with a strong knowledge of the economic and socio-political situation of African countries ensures the relevance of our recommendations. We enlighten our clients from the private and public sector on the changes taking place in their markets and analyse for them crucial economic information related to strategic plans, impact assessments, tenders, reform projects, etc.


Microeconomix in Poland

In 2010, Microeconomix launched its activities in Poland, thereby offering Polish companies and their legal advisors services in the area of economic expertise and damage estimation. We have experience in producing reports in Polish and presenting them before the relevant local courts. Our team has appeared and successfully handled several cases before the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.



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