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The Pros and Cons of Merger Control

February 2013

Swedish Competition Authority

"The Swedish Competition Authority annually publishes an anthology entitled “The Pros and Cons”, in which researchers and experts present their view on a particular competition issue".


Table of contents

1. Introduction by Arvid Fredenberg

2. The European School of Thought in Merger Cases by Doris Hildebrand

3. Merger Policy for Small and Micro Jurisdictions by Michal Gal

4. A Decade of Ex‐post Merger Policy Evaluations: A Progress Report by Tomaso Duso

5. Choosing the Appropriate Control Group in Merger Evaluations by Aditi Mehta and Nathan H. Miller

6. Merger Screening in Markets with Differentiated Products by Lars Sørgard


Disclaimer: this external document does not necessarily represent the views of Microeconomix.

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